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Nature Park: 
The nature trail is for walking and child bicycle riding during daylight hours.

Adult and teenager bicycle riding is not allowed as it creates a safety hazard for patrons of the lake trail.

Please obey the daylight hours only rule, this ensures everyone's safety. 

If you are on the pond during dark hours neighbors may assume you do not live in the community,

Fishing is for residents of the Lake Woods addition only.  Guests are allowed to fish only when accompanied by a resident.


•  Walking trail:  Children on small bikes are acceptable.
•  Dogs must be leashed.
•  No adult bicycling (adult bicycling on the pond trail poses a hazard to children).
•  No swimming, wading, boating, or tubing.

•  No motorized vehicles on the walking trail or common areas.
•  Catch & release fishing only. 

• Removing trees on HOA property by residents is prohibited.

• Spraying chemicals in the Nature Park by residents is prohibited.

•  Nature Park is open during daylight hours only.

• Non-residents must be accompanied by a Lake Woods homeowner.

All members agree to an "at your own risk" admittance and to indemnify and hold harmless Lake Woods Homeowners Association Inc., its Board of Directors, and its employees for any and all losses, claims, damages, lawsuits, etc., which occur or arise out of the use of the park and it's amenities.



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